Communicative English Programme for Schools

Fluency Academy of Communicative English (FACE) is an educational solutions provider with a vision of creating an emerging India with a stimulating force of teachers and encouraged contributions of students to master the world. FACE caters to the needs of young learners of English with a very pragmatic approach. We came operational in 2006. We have trained more than 10,000 teachers and over a million students across South India.

FACE has got wonderful English experts providing optimum opportunities for developing effective communication skills creatively. In the emerging society, English is the most essential and powerful tool for communication. We provide the learners a friendly atmosphere to sharpen and ignite their inborn potentials and expose them with overwhelming enthusiasm.

The activities, situations, thoughts and interactions of FACE will hold the child's interest while he continues to increase his vocabulary and his comprehending capabilities. As he undergoes the course, he equips himself with tremendous self-esteem in a joyful learning atmosphere. Skill based activities of FACE keep your child busy, happy and learning