Workshop for Professional Students and Job Aspirants

Getting a right job has been nightmarish for the present professional students and job seekers. Many students, though with impressive academic records fail during the interviews due to the lack of effective communication skills. FACE conducts different sorts of workshops in order to help the students to achieve their goals by targeting a sure shot success in the interviews. Our workshops comprise of three levels.

BET [Basic English Tongue] is a basic level workshop meant for preparing the students who are really very weak in expressing their views in English. In this endeavor we focus on training the students with Basic English speaking etiquette and make them fit to speak confidently.

JET [Junior English Tongue] is a junior level workshop meant for those who speak elementary English. We filter their language through specially designed activity based modules and role plays. These workshops are conducted at their colleges.

PET [Professional English Tongue] is an advanced level course meant for those who would like to enrich and empower the language. In these workshops students get exposure to such lessons where they equip themselves with professional mode of communication.

The salient features of our workshops are: